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I started this blog May 31, 2007 as a form of accountability to get out of debt, as well as to share what works and doesn’t work with the world, for me at least. I’m only 24 years old, from a lower middle class upbringing, and want to retire being at least a millionaire. The mathematician inside of me knows it’s possible, and even likely, if I can learn to manage money well. After I get out of debt, I plan to start investing the same portion of income consumed by the debt, and will hopefully continue here about how to not only break even, but to build and gain wealth.

My goal with blogging about this is not to really make money off the blog itself. I am mainly concerned with keeping a personal log of my process, and hopefully help some people later on when I gain experience. I do host a single ad, and hope that the google context reader will put appropriate ones up there to actually help you somewhat. Any proceeds I get from the ads will first be used to offset my hosting costs. (Now that I’ve moved to knownhost (affiliate link), those costs are next to nothing! Highly recommended!) If I make any more money than that, I plan to use it to purchase financial resources to be used as giveaways on this site. However, right now I’m getting about a click per month, so that may be a good way off! Please alert me if any ads appear that are not great for people in debt (i.e. high interest rates, consolidation spam or scams, etc.) I do not want to make people’s situation worse, even if I have to pay for hosting on my own.

If you’re interested in software development or related technology, I’m also starting back up a software blog, David on Software. If you’re really interested in me as a person, you can always check out my myspace, but I’m rarely on there.

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