Apologies, Snowflaking, and Updates


Yes, it’s been more than two months since my last post. I’m a bad blogger! But I see that people are still subscribed, and I get a lot of visits here these days, so I will try my best to add content from time to time. To balance the long wait in-between posts, I will ensure that every post is full of good information, and delve a bit less into my personal problems.  I’m not a full-time blogger, so I apologize that I cannot post every day, but if you’re looking for good information from those type of people, I have a lot of good links on my blogroll! I still hope to contribute good information to the community, though, and am thankful I have people that still email me and care about my progress to becoming debt free!

You may notice there is a new page at the top called “Snowflakes“. I have found several ways to make small amounts of money online with little effort. Combined, it puts about an extra $20 per month or so into my debt removal process. It’s not a lot, but for a few hours of time per month, it definitely helps the cause! None of these opportunities are scammy or evil, because I choose only things that I enjoy doing and have already received a check from, before I post it to that page. Right now there are 5 opportunities that can net you some extra snowflakes for your debt snowball, and hopefully more as I discover them. I will also do a whole review post on these at some point, and any new ones I post. If you have a hot tip, please let me know, I’ll sign up, check it out, and if it’s legit, post it here. Note that this doesn’t include conventional things like blogging, starting businesses, selling stuff, performing actual side jobs, etc., but rather it is things you only spend a little time on and can do solely online. I hope it’s valuable to some of you!

Now, some actual updates on my situation. My financial aid for summer is STILL not going through, so I am forced to keep the debt snowball rolling the old-fashioned way. I’m almost at my halfway point of being debt free, and am on track to get rid of all my credit card debt sometime between May and December of 2009. Right now I have a ring to buy for a special someone, a potential wedding next year, and a ton of money going towards finishing school, so my repayment abilities are very limited. My girlfriend lives 2 hours away, so my fuel budget is skyrocketing since I spend most weekends there. Plus, now that school has started, I’m back into some bad habits, including buying vending machine items, fast food, restaurants, etc. Once I get some time I’m going to hit up Costco and develop some solutions for eating all day when life is really busy, and my budget should come back under some control. Things are looking up, though, and it’s still a long way forward, but I’m confident things will go well!

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