Carnival, Weekends, and Mistakes


This has been a nice weekend, full of doing things for free. Well, I bought a haircut, but as far as entertainment goes, I did well! Friday night I was able to see The Bourne Ultimatum for free because I had a free pass (those little rewards cards may add up from time to time). Saturday I was able to catch a high school band camp performance, relive my old band days, and hear some free music. That night I had free pizza from being a 777 contest winner at Papa John’s a month ago. Sunday I did some freelance work and rewatched old DVDs (they’re only economical if you watch them many times).

Then, I had to go screw up the whole weekend by buying a watch. I’ve been looking for a nice watch for about two years now, determined not to buy one until I found one I’d absolutely love. I hate wearing jewelry of any kind, so I’ve been able to resist buying one until I found a good price on this one. So, it’s another small setback, but I think I’m going to list things on Craigslist to counter what I paid. I still have an old dorm fridge and some textbooks that will cover it. I don’t feel bad, because I’ve been monitoring prices forever, and got a pretty stylish watch for under $100. But I should try to defray that expense with sacrificing something else. It’s my goal to stay neutral with the things I buy.

My article about credit unions and consolidation was also included in this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction over at Finance Psychology. For a slower week, there are some decent articles included, so check it out if you haven’t already!

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