Mentioned On Carnival of Debt Reduction!


It has only been two weeks or so blogging here, but I’ve already received a great honor! I posted my last article, Finding the Joy in Frugality, to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction. Not only was it accepted, but the host, NCN Podcast, gave some excellent comments and additions to it. If you do not have NCN (both the podcast and blog) on your RSS feed reader, it’s a great read/listen, and I highly recommended it.

One thing the host mentioned is something I alluded to, but never explicitly stated. There is something true about sacrifice in the present creating success in the future. Spiritually, this is along the lines of “store up your treasure in heaven” or “he who is last will become first”. Emotionally, this is along the lines of my article. A few years of sacrifice right now will help my marriage in the future, and living below our means then will help my future children begin their lives as well as making our future retirement pain-free. There is simply something true to the notion that temporary sacrifice almost always leads to a better situation years down the road. And that is where the joy comes in, really.

And, to clear one thing up from the podcast, this is indeed a new blog, but I’m a long time blogger. I have a software related blog that I’m starting back up again, as well as a few personal blogs I maintain for family and friends. However, I’ve never really had something great to say or a reason to say it until I decided to take charge of my finances. I do hope my experience, and walking it out online, will be a help to someone along the way.

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