First Post


So, here goes. This is not my first blog, but it will be the first blog I have regular updates for. I’m doing this in an attempt to be accountable for getting out of debt, in addition to sharing what works for me and what doesn’t with others who are in the same boat. Hopefully, along the way I will garner a readership of whatever size that will pass their tips back to me. I realize I’m not the first to do this, and please know my goal is not to be the big kid on the street. I’m looking forward to being a part of the growing online debt-reduction community, which I believe performs an invaluable service to end the growing credit epidemic.

So, I ask that you give me constructive criticism along the way. If you see potential pitfalls, please tell me. If you benefit at all from this, tell me. If I slip up, ask me why. The power of being online is not anonymity, as some would claim; the power is in community. I hope to be a contributing part of that, and here’s to the journey in becoming debt-free…

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